100 images of art from Wales – For art lovers of all ages.

A Wales Art Collection

This set of over 100 A6 (postcard-size) cards,
is designed to be used in any classroom.

Each card features a different image, with
a variety of questions for pupils on the reverse.

The project offers an invaluable resource for teachers, from subject specialists to those
teaching art and design for the first time.

All A6 and A3 cards have laminate coated surfaces to protect the cards in the classroom
and ensure a long and useful life.

Our previous art project has been used
in the classrooms of Wales for almost 20 years.

Every element of the project is totally bilingual (English and Welsh).

This project has been designed in
an easy-to-read format.

A Wales Art Collection

Variety of artists

Artists featured include: JWM Turner, David Jones,
Charles Tunnicliffe, Stanley Spencer, Iwan Bala,
John Piper, David Nash, Kevin Sinnott, JD Innes.

A Wales Art Collection

Questions for pupils

Each card has a different image with artists’ names, titles, dates etc and questions for pupils on the back.
The questions are suitable for KS2 – 4.

A Wales Art Collection

Durable and long lasting

The set of A6 cards is sold in a strong plastic box.
Click here to view sample PDFs of both sides
of the A6 cards.