100 images of art from Wales – For art lovers of all ages.

A Wales Art Collection

A Wales Art Collection

This CD Rom containing the 100 images
can be used by pupils, students and adults
of any age, in the classroom on a whiteboard
or a computer at home.

It has searchable icons of each image which,
when selected, will expand to fill the screen.

Selectable English or Welsh captions describing
the image selected (artist, title, date, size, medium, gallery, owner etc) can be superimposed
on the screen.

A bilingual glossary of art terms
in alphabetical order is included for reference.

Available on both PC and Mac.

This CD Rom is dual platform.


Suitable for most computers

System requirements for CD:
PC Windows 7 or later. Apple Mac OS 10.7 or later.


Easy to use

The CD Rom is sold in a plastic DVD case.
Click here to view sample PDFs from the CD Rom.