Art & R.E.

A Wales Art Collection

Dysgu Celf yng Nghymru – Teaching Art in Wales

This new project has been produced by
Alan Torjussen, the Editor who created Dysgu Celf yng Nghymru/Teaching Art in Wales in 1996 (bilingual A3 cards, bilingual handbook for teachers plus Welsh and English videos).

That set of resources (which is still used in many Welsh schools today) is wholly compatible
and complementary with this new project,
A Wales Art Collection/Casgliad Celf Cymru.

The Teaching Art in Wales bilingual teachers’ handbook and the Welsh and English VHS videos are still available from Genesis here.

Other Genesis productions still available below.

Bilingual book

Teaching Art in Wales

Bilingual teachers’ handbook. 120 pages.
Produced in association with the
University of Wales Press in 1966.


Teaching Art in Wales DVD or VHS

30 minute video for teachers. Gallery officers, artists and teachers provide help with complex works of art. (Welsh version also available.)

Living Religion in Wales

Living Religion in Wales  DVD or VHS

Another of the team’s projects is this 3 x 15 minute programme for RE at Key Stage 2, with teachers’ book. (Welsh version also available.)